Pregnancy baby and children’s expo Brisbane 2012

It was bumpa to bumpa pregnant women, strollers, children, and dads with kids on shoulders, but last weekend was a very successful weekend for the PBC expo.  What is this PBC expo – it is the Pregnancy, Baby and Children Expo that comes to the Brisbane Convention Centre every June.  I have been to the expo quite  a few times now and every year I am blown away by the magnitude of the expo.

This year my eldest child was 9 and a half, and my youngest is 17 1/2 months.   We weren’t on the look out for anything specific as we really went for the fun of it.   There were so many stalls at the expo.  The room was filled with great ideas and concepts – from nappies, to bottles, drink bottles, clothing, carseats, toys and play equipment, nappies, sunshades, kids party ideas, the playgroup association, play mats, baby hire equipment, child saftey, camera house, toddler food ideas, exercise equipment for mums to be and mums who have had their babies. There was even entertainment opportunities for the kids either through play or by the live show with Dorothy the Dinosaur and Captain Feathersword.   I know that there were more things there than what I have written, but at this moment I can’t remember any more.

I find expo’s inspiring.  Not all expos, but I love kids expos and markets.  I specifically love small businesses created by mums, and I like to think that one day I will have some great idea that I can sell at a market – maybe make my fortune?!    At this moment we are at the working out what to do stage.  There has to be an undiscovered niche market out there that I can tap into…I just have to find it.       Till then we will continue to plod along and do what we have to do.  The reality for us at this moment is getting our kids back to full and normal health and wellbeing.     Today I need to be the best mum I can be,  the kids are small for only a short time, and the whole point of being a stay at home mum is to give our kids 100% in this moment of time.

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