Childhood Issues…


I feel like each one of my kids have issues at the moment.  Amy,  has issues with CRMO, and because of the medication, she struggles with feeling unwell and has pain in her legs.  Bethy has sprained her foot.  Not her ankle – the top of her foot! I am still trying to work out how on earth she sprained the top of her foot?   Chanel has been feeling sick and pain in her tummy, and has just had tests done to see whats going on.  Our little boy Jaden has a cold, but he seems to have issues with his hearing.

Thankfully I have a GP who I trust and can get in and see whenever we need.   I recently heard on the tv that its a good idea to generate a happy relationship with the receptionist at your GP’s surgery.   It makes sense when you have kids.   I was sitting in the doctors surgery waiting room yesterday thinking about how lucky it was that I was able to get an appointment yesterday, not just a single appointment but a double one.  I had called at 9 am for an appointment on a monday –  I don’t think I would have gotten a double, let alone a single appointment if the receptionist did not like me.

Today I was meant to take Chanel to get a blood test, but she has to also provide a wee sample.   I really wanted to have that organised prior to going to the blood test this morning, but due to stage fright and not being able to pee in a little tiny cup we were unable to go to QML.  So we went and had the Ultra sound on her tummy.   I am  praying that there is nothing to be concerned about with regard to Chanel’s tummy issues.  Sonographers aren’t allowed to tell you any information, which I suppose is good in one way, but painful in another.  All I want to know is that there is nothing to be concerned about – but instead I have to wait for the doctors appointment.   So I really need to get this blood test done for her tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a new day and after talking a Lones, we have a great idea in terms of how to get Chanel to give us the required sample.  We are going to drop an icecream container into the loo and Chanel will go to the loo as normal.

I hope that she doesn’t have a gluten intolerance or celiac disease, but if she has we will deal with it.   Maybe it will be good for all of us.  If it turns out that Chanel has a problem with celiac disease I am going to get the other kids tested, and I think it would also be good for Dion and myself to get tested.

Based on the online information I have read about celiac disease, there are many complications that can occur if Celiac disease is not diagnosed or treated.

So if Chanel has it we need to deal with it.   It can’t be that hard, as there are so many people out there who have celiac disease and need to eat gluten free.   Many restaurants and cafe’s are making their menu’s more allergy friendly.    There are many books and websites out there that will help make the transition easier.

All I know is that I want well kids.   I want my kids to be happy and I want them to succeed in life.   What I know is this – when a child feels unwell, they don’t want to play and this means that they will not be happy. and If a child is not happy they cannot succeed in life.

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