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Playdates for Kids and Mums…

Bethy and I had a playdate today, and it was a lot of fun.  Over the holidays, Bethy and I have started watching the Anne of Green Gables story and it has really resonated with her.  As we drove home today from our playdate with her friend Aryanna, Bethy was telling me how Aryanna really is a true friend.   One of the concepts in the movie Anne of Green Gables is the concept of having a kindred spirit friend, and while Dianna Barry is Annes first real friend,  Aryanna is Bethy’s kindred spirit friend.

This photo was taken in April of the girls.   Aryanna’s mum is a designer and took the girls to her studio and so the girls couldn’t help themselves….they had to try on the wigs and pose!Image

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