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Making time for Mummy!

This past weekend, was probably the best weekend I have had in a long time.   Sorry, Family!

And…when I tell you what I got up too…..lets say you might be a little envious!   Sorry, Readers!!!!

I have been married for 11 years.    It will be 12 in December, and since getting married – hubby and I have had four children.  Three girls and one little boy!  I have been a ‘Stay at Home Mum’ for a very long time now, and while I feel that it has been a privilege, I also see that I now need to follow my heart, and do something that will help us financially, but also do something thats mine.  Its not about identity or worth as I know that I work hard at being a good mum.   I just want something thats mine – a hobby that will pay for some extra’s.

I don’t think I need to tell you that life in our household is busy, and it is so easy for any mum to get lost in the busyness!!   Days turn into weeks, and weeks somehow turn into months and before you know it – the year has passed.

I have never done this before.  In my world of wife, mother, friend, housekeeper, accountant etc,  I have never made time just to be Sarah – I have always had some reason’ or ‘some excuse’ as to why I haven’t been able to do something for myself.

That is, until this last weekend!!

Okay….I know your all wondering what I got up to over the weekend….so I will tell you!

My Aunt invited me to a fun girlie weekend away.  We stayed in a very lush tranquil apartment up at Noosa.   It was wonderful.    It was fantastic, and it was beautiful.   Yes Noosa was fabulous, but the best part of my weekend was just having fun with my Aunt.   I felt free! I have always thought that my relationship with my Aunt and I were close.   However, this weekend for me has changed our relationship from a great Aunt – Niece relationship to a real true fun and close friendship.  I feel that it is now richer than it has ever been.   We chatted about all different subjects- past and present,  ideas and options and thoughts.   Anything and everything was on the table to talk about.   It was simply fantastic.

Noosa Seasons

We stayed in beautiful accommodation.  We lunched by the pool and we enjoyed our surroundings.

This weekend I even experienced my very first professional massage.   I have never done this for myself before – it was the most amazing experience.   A good massage definitely does wonders for any unidentifiable stress that one may be carrying.   It was wonderful…..I could end up with an addiction to a decent massage – it would be an addiction I would not mind at all, I think!!!!


Noosa is fun.  Its posh, its lush and magical –  Noosa is a must to visit and a must to enjoy.    The water at the beach was clear, and as the sun shone down on the water it sparkled.   I know I have already used the word ‘magical’, but there really is no other word to describe the water lapping onto the shore in Noosa.


Going away to Noosa this past weekend with my Aunt has helped in some way to bring some clarity to my life and my thinking.    I will probably write about it in another blog post soon, but for now all I want to say is that I know for me its time to start making me a priority.   I know I have said it before, but this weekend has shown me how important it is to make myself a priority.   The majority of mums find themseves giving out in every direction for their family’s, but they don’t make themselves a priority.   If you feel depleted – you are giving away far too much of yourself.

Its time to wind back the clock some and start making ourselves a priority.  I am talking here about mums.  We work hard to make all the different facets to our lives work.    Some days it can be a logistical nightmare.   So I have decided that I am going to do something nice for myself every week.   I think I may need to write a list of things I can do for myself – having a massage is definitely high on the list.    I know for me, that if I don’t start taking more care of myself then I am going to end up a tired, cranky, over worked, crazy 45 year old (when I get there, that is) – and that won’t be pretty!

So here is to a new year, and a new way of living our lives.  If your a mum – jump on board.  Its time to start making ourselves a priority.  It is certainly not selfish to make a plan to do something for ourselves on a regular basis.   We should feel good about ourselves while we serve our families.   We will feel better about ourselves when we give ourselves a chance to do something for ourselves.  Its important to view ourselves as worthy of taking time out.    Remember that our jobs will always be there for us when we get back.    Housework is faithful and loyal – it will continue to come and allow us to reclean and re wash every single day.   Use the idea of a time out as a reward for getting housework done!  Us mums matter, and we deserve to take time out from the craziness of our lives.    We deserve sanity breaks!

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