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Four words – 2014

Here we are smack bang in the middle of the second week of the new year, and I must admit that I have been reading many blogs over the last couple of weeks. It’s been lovely to read the goals and desires of so many people who want to make positive changes in their lives for the coming year.

I, on the other hand have decided that instead of making some grandeous goals for myself, I am going to change the way I think about goal setting just for a moment. I am a ‘goal setting’ believer, however, instead of listing ten things I want to change about myself this time, I have been taking time to think carefully about my life, and ask questions about what I would like my life to look like? What do I want in my life? What kind of people do I want to associate with?

I have to admit that it did not take long to realise the four words I would like my life to be about, and to focus on this year.


Peace, serenity, balance, and simplicity.

Peace comes from within; Serenity is all about our environment, and what’s happening around us; Balance is all about work and life balance; and lastly, Simplicity. Simplicity is all about keeping calm, and doing what needs to be done with ease and gentleness – simplicity is all about keeping the tasks uncomplicated.

What I love most about the new year is it’s freshness. Each day resembles an unmarked page. A clean slate, so to speak. A chance to make peace with the past, and look toward the future. The beginning of the year is very much a blank canvas ready to be painted. The only question needing to be asked is, What do I want the canvas to look like at the end of 2014?

Some of the obvious goals for the year is to have more quality time with my family, and my friends, continue my health goals from 2013, continue some of my plans to write professionally, attend a couple of blogging conferences, and do the simple savings 12 month money challenge (I’ll tell you about that very soon), just to name a few things on my list.

I have no materialistic desires. I’m really quite happy in myself, and my strongest desire is to just follow my heart this year, and do things that bring more peace, serenity, balance and simplicity to our lives.

Do you have a word, or a phrase that you feel represents 2014? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Xo


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