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Faith: Look up, Child

Over the last six months, the news cycle has been focused on covid-19. This time in our history has been a little scary, and the quite unsettling. None of us have much faith in our government, and find ourselves wondering if they are for us, or against us? Are they going to make good decisions for us all? At the end of this pandemic are we going to be in a good position socially, culturally, psychologically, spiritually, or financially?

Queensland has been in a good position over the last few months. I haven’t agreed with some of the decisions our Premier has made, but very happy with other decisions. With numbers of covid-19 growing on the south side of Brisbane, I find myself fretting for safety and security. I am quite aware that every number has a name, and every name is a person. A Son or daughter, a mum or dad, or a grandparent.

I’m not sure about you, but I do find watching the news difficult. Seven months on from when the first restrictions started, I am feeling quiet weary of the constant news coverage of covid-19 reports. I am tired of not hugging my friends, and being overly cautious when I go to the shops, or being reminded to stand a metre away from my people.

We have to choose how we are going to feel and respond to life’s up and downs. Most of the time, circumstances ask us to determine who and what we put our trust in. Our circumstances, or God? Having faith for me is empowering. I really don’t like covid-19, but I choose to put my faith and my trust in God. My faith gives me assurance – I believe that there is nothing too big for God.

In January, before we even knew what covid-19 was and all the craziness started, hubby and I took our girls to Brisbane to see Lauren Daigle in concert. The venue meant that we were shoulder to shoulder with our fellow Daigle fans. There are many songs on her album that I really love, but one of my absolute favourite songs is ‘Look up Child’. I thought I would share it with you. If you are feeling a little anxious, Look up.

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