Dear Self,

It seems to be a common practice to wish for things that aren’t supposed to be yours.   Your life is not a dress rehearsal but the real thing…there are no redo’s.   Go after those things that you want in your life, and make sure that they are things that are of value.    Not necessarily financial gain.  Living large does not cost a lot of money.   Its about attitude.   You can apparently live large on a beer budget…try and work out how to do this as this is where you will find true happiness.   Obviously money helps, but for today you don’t actually need a lot of money to be happy.

Matt Damons character in ‘We bought a zoo’ said it perfectly!

Then, if your stressed….do something about it!

R emember – there is always someone worse off,

So pick yourself up, and realise that
True happiness is in the simple things – life, kids, family!!

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