Project declutter

We don’t need to increase our goods nearly as much as we need to scale down our wants.  

Not wanting something is as good as possessing it”     Donald Horban

I hate clutter.   It’s one of those things that gets on my nerves, but with a family its very difficult to be completely clutter free.  But  I am trying to get organised and be clutter free!   Last week I sorted out Jaden’s toys, and we passed them onto my brother and sister in law.   Its amazing the difference a sort makes even in just one area.    I am planning to get into the girls rooms once they get back to school    If the kids had their way nothing would be organised – I am sure of it.    They hate cleaning their rooms, because they really don’t know what to do with all there things.  they want to keep everything they have ever been given!   Unfortunately for them, both sets of grandparents are hoarders  –   Although in saying that – I won’t allow our kids to be hoarders!   Fingers crossed.

So with Jaden’s toys done, my next goal is sorting out his clothes.   With my brothers and their wives just starting to have kids, I have passed on the girls baby clothes, but I have to vacuum bag the boys baby clothes, and pass them on.   I keep a few cute things for the treasure box, but you can’t have a treasure box full of everything.   Jaden probably won’t even care if I kept a few things of his, but he might, and because I have kept a few cute things from when the girls were little, I want him to feel as cared for.

Over the holidays I have spent time cleaning out the garage, it still needs work, alot of work, but I have started.   We really need a shed, and although we plan to get a shed, we just haven’t got there yet.    We are at that place of wondering if we should spend more money on our home – but from a resale point of view its a good idea to have a shed, but from a moving point of view, its like another house you have to empty to finalise the sale of your home.  Hubby definitely wants his man cave though, so it really would be great if we can get the garage organised.    By living clutter free, you seem to have more options.   One option may be that you can up and leave at any point, but another thought is that you can experience a sense of freedom.   You can probably clean your whole house in an hour!   Having a family means that the display home look is relatively unachievable, and that is fine because a house needs to be a home, but I would really love a clutter free display home.   So the goal is to keep on decluttering and one day I will reach the pinacle of an organised home.

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  • happymum1975

    There is something so freeing about getting rid of things that we simply do not need! I love to declutter! I find that when our house is cluttered I kind of feel a little out of control – as though its ontop of me and I can’t get out from underneath it all, and then once I start packing it up and finding a new home for it or life lining – the freedom I get is enormous.

    Maybe its something we need to do every six months or keep on top of things. I am lucky with the baby things as I have two brothers with little ones and I am sure they will have more so I can just keep passing those things that are useful on to them and we are all happy! 🙂 Happy days ahead Michelle!

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