Family Catchups!

One of the things I love the most is catching up with my family.  My brothers, their wives, Mum and Lones and Lynda – and their respective partners.    Family has become so much more important to us all over the last few years since Dad died.   To be honest I still can’t believe he is gone, but that is a whole other blog post that I may or may not write about at some other time!

Yesterday, we met up at the Samford Hotel.   It was one of the best food places we have ever been too.   We decided to order a family size pizza.  Think normal pizza hut size of pizza and double it!   It was huge.   Poor old Chanel can’t have pizza at the moment because of the cheese.  She is on a lactose free diet and again – that is another story.   So we ordered a kids meal of chicken nuggets and chips and salad for her.   Mind you – she didn’t touch the salad, but she ate mostly everything else.

The Samford Hotel is modern, comfortable, and incredibly family friendly.  The prices were competitive.  We paid $24 for a family size pizza, and $8.50 for the kids meal for Chanel.


Besides good food, and good company, the kids area – playground was well thought out.  It really catered to small children to the bigger kids.   All the kids, mine and Charlotte enjoyed their time out in the play area.   Dakota fell asleep in Lone’s arms and stayed there for about an hour, so Tab had a chance to sit and relax baby free for awhile.

The Samford Hotel is on the Main Street in Samford Valley.  It was a fun day with family and a great place to catch up at.   Would I go here again?  Yes I would – Gladly!  🙂

Its so nice to belong to a family where everyone gets on so well.


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