Breathe in, Breathe out, Breathe in, Breathe out

Well, I got the car back from the mechanic and lets just say that I almost had to give over my left arm, and two toes.   That voucher I was talking about earlier was and is a crock!   Yes, it was a big service, but my gut feeling was that they saw a woman walk into their store and they knew what buttons to push.   I would love to name and shame them…but I won’t.   If you ask me who it was I will nod when you get it right…I just don’t want to be accused of publically shaming the business.

I got a call earlier in the day to say that the power steering needed flushing and that was going to be $150 – what the heck does ‘the power steering needs flushing mean anyway? the battery needed replacing and that was going to be $200, and the windscreen wipers, basically $20 each and we needed to replace the mechanics of the windscreen wipers becasue of the way it was built.   I said yes to the windscreen wipers and the powersteering flushing – I knew that was something that should be done, but no to the battery.  When and if it dies, then I will deal with it!

When I got into the store to pick up my car, they then had the nerve to try and sell me a tyre repair service!   Do I look like I have a money tree in the back yard! I calmly said no to the service for $150 and I must admit that my insides were screaming…I was a little scared that the mechanic could hear me going off.

I know three things.   I know that they are never going to see me again, they will never see my money again, and I will never believe a mechanic sales person selling ‘special deals’.    If you have someone roaming your streets selling mechanical services, particularly here in Caloundra, tell them your not interested as their reputation preceeds them!