The mid year holidays are flying…

At the start of every holiday I have all these grandeous plans.  We are going to do this and that and have a ball.   While the first week got rained out, and filled with appointments, the second week seems to be flying by ever so quickly.  Today is Wednesday, and we have not accomplished all the things that we wanted to do.   Today we went to Kmart and put a razor wing scooter on layby for Amy and Bethany, and we bought a couple of things we needed.   While we were at Stockland we dealt with a medicare issue that needed to be dealt with.   Then after dropping the dvd’s back at the video store, we finally got to the bike park in Currimundi.  My goal was to tire Jaden out.   He is having issues with sleeping through, and in turn I am having issues with lack of sleep.

We have exactly one week to go and I want the next week to go slow.  If you know how to slow down time, let me know!?

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