A little perspective goes a long way!

Do you sometimes feel that life is flying by you?   The kids are growing too quickly?   Half the year has flown by and what have you actually achieved?  I often think of these things and ponder what I would do in an ideal world?

My ideal would definitely consist of more free time and more money.  I get that its not all about money, but if we had more, we could give our kids so many more experiences.   We want the kids to experience opportunities and opportunities cost money.   More money = more choices.

I would love a  housekeeper so that I can spend more quality time with the kids.  Carol Brady had it all.   She had Alice who did all the things that take up all your time as a mum.  I feel like I can’t relax until the jobs are done, which ultimately means that I miss out on enjoying life with the kids.   During term time ‘doing it all’ and homework really leaves very little time to have quality time with the kids.   Sometimes I envy those mums who have one child as they seem to have so much free time.  One mother I know in particular has a lovely life, and i have to admit that I have moments of jealousy, but at the end of the day, as I watch each of my little cherubs, each one brings a smile to my face for a different reason.   I have four very special children.   Sure they have there issues, but they are awesome and I love them and I would not give any one of them up for a moment.  So who is richer, my friend with one, or me, who has four?    I have to say me.  I am richer for having four kids.  We may have limited money, but we have our own brand of richness and I would not swap it for a moment.

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