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New Day – New Look



Welcome back!

Today, my office is Mooloolaba.  Gloria Jeans to be precise on the Mooloolaba strip.   The girls are at school and Jaden is at kindy.   I am loving this time to myself.  Today  I am officially launching my new look for MischieviousMum.com!

I have been wanting to change the look for some time, and over the last week I have done it.  Thats right – I have done it!  I worked out how to change my blog from the free wordpress.com platform to our self hosting site.   I have surprised and shocked myself in what I have been able to work out and learn.    I don’t think I need to tell you how proud of myself and how awesome I feel for working out what needs to be done.   So many Ah Ha moments along the way.

While I won’t go as far as calling myself an expert in the field of website development or design, I will say that it feels pretty good to be able to methodically work through the issues presenting themselves at every corner.    It shows me how important it is to stay teachable and pliable.

I still have much to learn, but I am happy to have gotten my site to a new place.   I am now self hosting and this means that mischievious mum – the website,  now has many possibilities and adventures open to where ever I would like to go with it.   I can’t help feeling rather excited by my new and fresh beginning.

I will be changing the main image again very soon.  I needed to revert back to an older image for the site due to a minor complication –  I will be looking into it further.   I may need to get my expert hubby to give me a hand.  I understand the concept of what needs doing – BUT I get a little lost in the fundamentals of HTML at times.   In this instance I know what the problem, is but the html code is being rather secretive in terms of the information I particularly need.   I am sure hubby will be able to help out.

So here I am at Gloria Jeans on my own with laptop – but very happy.    I was very impressed that the girl at the counter gave me an hours worth of wi fi!    Very Very impressed!

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