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Mischievious Mum has been Nominated!

Guess what!

I have been nominated for ‘Best Blog 2013’.    I am incredibly excited!!


The 2013 winner will receive:

  • $1500 worth of writing courses at the Australian Writers’ Centre
  • $1000 in cash
  • one-hour mentoring session with Brandon Van Over, managing editor at Random House, to discuss publishing a book based on their blog or any other writing projects the blogger wishes to discuss.
  • $500 worth of books from Random House.

Yesterday I told friends on facebook about my nomination for Best Blog 2013.    I have never been nominated for anything so this is a  big deal for me.

I first of all want to thank all those who have already voted for my blog.  The prizes that await the winner are incredibly good.   I see them as ‘career changing opportunities’ for the winner.    There are 1100 blogs needing votes, and some of these blogs have many more followers than what my blog does.

I have to say though that I have been in awe of the crowd of people who have started following me.  Thank you!

To my dear Michievious followers.   Would you be so kind to please vote for me.

Just head to and scroll down till you come to Mischievious Mum.    Its just an honour to be in with half a chance!   xo

Vote for Me


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