The Turtle Beach Resort

We stayed at The Turtle Beach Resort prior to all of there upgrades.  It was great when we were there, but now I hear that it had a golden brush stroked against it.  Its won a few awards and become an even better place to holiday.  I hear that its much improved these days.   It also has a kids club that I don’t believe we had when we were there back in 2009.  Even in 2009, the Turtle Beach Resort was a fantastic holidaying spot for our young family.   We had a lot of fun on this holiday together.

We holidayed there in the December of 2009 and at the time our kids were finishing year 1, finishing prep and Chanel was 3.

Everything about this resort is family orientated.   There is something there for everyone – even a small cinema and a wood fired pizza family restaurant – to this day we all consider to have the the best pizza’s.  The Turtle Beach Resort has a putt putt mini golf course, an adult only pool, and some playgrounds for the kids.   Since we were there, they have improved the amenities and added in a kids club and water playground.

One of the great things about this resort is that you can rent apartments with anywhere from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms.  This resort caters for the larger family and have BBQ areas around the grounds of the resort.    From a family happiness point of view I would give this resort 9/10.  I would take a point off just because its not easily accessible to the beach and the resort is on the Gold Coast Highway.   Even though you don’t hear the traffic of the highway, from a convenience point of view one needs to get into the car to go and get groceries!

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