The Acapulco

The Acapulco Resort in Surfers Paradise brings back many childhood memories for me.   Many years ago one of my Aunt’s owned a unit there and I remember going down to the Gold Coast to stay with my family…not in their unit, but another unit.  I remember those holidays fondly. Another year, my grandparents chose the Acapulco as their annual holidaying spot and my dad took us down to the unit for an overnight.    A few years ago (December 2006), we decided after booking a place on that turned out to be a complete disaster,  we ended up going to the Acapulco for our holiday.   It was wonderful.

At this point in time we had three little girls under the age of 4, Chanel was 8 months old and while we enjoyed our holiday at the Acapulco, holidaying with little ones can be a little difficult – but we did very well here.  The Acapulco is a very happy family friendly holiday spot.

It was on this holiday down at the Gold Coast that we took the kids on the Aqua Duck.   The girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience.   They said it was the best thing they had ever done and still talk from time to time about the Aqua Duck.

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