Hubby or kids first?

I am a guilty wife….I have to say that there is a pecking order in our household – usually goes from the littlest to the oldest and then me – or the one with the greatest need at the time gets preference.  When you look at it – its quite reactive rather than successful planning!

Yesterday hubby and I went on our very first date in just under 17 months.  In two days Jaden will be 17 months old. So really our last date, was well…I don’t actually want to think about it!  I know your all probably falling off your chairs at the thought of this, but with breastfeeding, hubby’s work commitments, Amy’s CRMO issues, trying to finish renovating our home, all the rain we have had, kids parties, our babysitter has to split herself 3 ways (my brothers have little ones too now), not to mention that we really haven’t prioritized time for us.

So hubby and I started at the Shingle inn in Caloundra for a late lunch, and then we ventured up toward the cinemas.   I have to admit that I was excited at the thought of hanging out with Dion….like we did many moons ago before we had kids.    We hung out for about half an hour in the bookstore…something we haven’t done for a very long time, and then raced over the road to see our movie.

What does a couple who haven’t had any time with each other for some time watch on their first date….thats right, What to Expect when your expecting!    LOL

I thoroughly enjoyed our date, the food was great, the company was great, the bookstore was great and the movie was very good….but the thing that I really enjoyed was the fact that I feel like I refound my friend.  I got to hold his hand and he held mine as we wandered up the street.  It was really nice.

I know for me that I need to make our marriage a priority.    I am going to work out with our babysitter to come and hang out with the kids once a month, and in the meantime, we will try other ways to make time for each other.    Its nice to have that loving feeling!  🙂  So much nicer than that irritated – ‘I can’t believe you didn’t take the rubbish bins out thought!’

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