Uh oh! Soon it will be Spring!

September is looming.  The days are turning into weeks and here we are mid July.   I have been wanting to get out and go walking with Jaden to start losing some weight – I don’t want to get to Spring and Summer and still feel frumpy.  I have to admit that it is hard in winter to get out and exercise, and the days are shorter, but between my kids being unwell and the weather not being good to get out, I have found myself getting a little frustrated.

Frustrated is an interesting word.   The truth is I want the rewards of exercise, but I really don’t want to do the work.   The other truth is that we have got a Wii and the xbox 360 and I love the concept of exercising through these means, but I rarely make time for myself on it.    All I have to do is half an hour on it, but I don’t.  Today I saw an exercise bike at kmart for $49 and I had a moment where I thought it was a good idea, but the reality is that I would probably end up hanging clothes on it.    You see I really do want the benefits of the exercise…I want to be able to pay the gym membership but not have to go….the weightloss happens just becasue I paid for it and my intention was good.  I want to look toned, healthy and well – just without the work.

I am really unsure as to why people say that they love exercise?   Yes it makes you feel good after you have done it – becasue you have stopped!   The thing is this.   I may not like exercise all that much, but I hate being overweight more.    I have decided that I am going to become an expert in the system of living healthily rather than just losing weight.   If I get the food side and start to understand the basics of good nutrition, which I sort of do, but I really want ot become an expert in it.  I want to know to things – How many calories? and how much work will it take to get it out of my system?  If I know these two things I am going to arm myself with the knowledge of ‘Is that food worth it?’

The reward won’t just be that I will feel better about myself, it will be about wearing clothes that I like and feel good in.  It’s very hard when your bigger to find clothes that you like, let alone feel good in.   I love clothes and I have a whole wardrobe full of things that I can’t bear to part with…so I am determined to deal with this issue as I have some clothes that want to get out.  They have been trapped in that cupboard for far too long.

First of all I am going to have the mantra that fresh is best, and the goal is to keep it all very simple.   I want to know what I can do when I crave sweet things and most of all I need to learn how not to sabotage myself.    I want to still be able to eat meals that I like, but I want to know how to cook them in a healthy way.

Its going to be an interesting journey, but the goal is 1 kg a week!   I am going to commit to 12 weeks and see what I can do.    I am going to put some rules into place and commit to the plan 100%.

Ok….I will go away and research the plan some more and come back with details as soon as.

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