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Screams of joy coming from Aroona home

Okay, I am sure you are all wondering what I am on about, but I needed to just tell everyone how proud I am of myself – I worked out how to change my blog domain name from mischieviousmum.wordpress.com TO mischieviousmum.com –   I KNOW!!!!!!!!

I have other plans for the blog…but we are a work in progress here so one step at a time!!!  🙂

Last week I had a number of days of severe catastrophic crazy domain name changing cranky pants.    Told you it was severe.   Nothing I did worked and then wordpress turned around and told me at one point that nothing could be done for 72 hours!   That was the point where I thought, lets back up the truck and go backwards, all I want is my blog back at wordpress…..Instead of going forwards, all I wanted was to go backwards.    Somehow I managed to work it all out and I found myself back at my blog at wordpress.com.   I started to wonder if I should ask for a domain name refund and just be happy at mischieviousmum.wordpress.com.

Deep inside I knew I would not be happy with this decision at the end of the day, so after a huge number of days, and a clear head – I decided this morning that I would reread the email where they (WordPress Support) told me the procedure in apparently clear details.   Within half an hour and half a vacuumed house,  I was at my desired destination – Mischieviousmum.com.  I am home!   I am relieved.  I am over the moon and I now feel like a justified ‘Mischievious Mum’, ready to do business.

So, now I go back to vacuuming the other side of the house, I can do it with joy – knowing I won the battle between .wordpress.com and .com!

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