Happy Healthy Mums


This is Rhian Allen, and Rhian is the woman behind www.healthymummy.com and www.losethebabyweight.com.au websites, and if you want to be one of those ‘happy healthy mums’, then you need to check out this site.

If you need a kick start to help you on your weight loss journey this is a brilliant program.   I came across the facebook group a number of months ago and within a short time I started seeing fellow mums posting their before and after pictures to the group.  I couldn’t get over how many mums had a tummy just like mine – in fact, I was quite surprised at how many mummy tummies there were in their before photos, but then I was shocked at how great their tummies looked after a few short months of using this program.  The closed Facebook support group and website are fantastic resources for tips and recipe ideas, there are thousands of women who have lost considerable weight through this site…and many of them have had huge success with mummy tummies, so guess who joined up to the program?  If you answered ‘ME’, well you are right.

I love being apart of a group of women who are all in a similar boat, and want to encourage others to keep going.   There is a cost of $29.95 involved to access the recipes, exercises and tips, but I think the long term effects of not eating badly and being apart of a supportive group with great resources – is worth it!

Between you and me, I am pretty sure I cried when I saw the before and after pictures of these mums because I honestly thought that the only way my tummy could be fixed is through surgery.  I may need to have the surgery at some point but I can’t do that anyway until I have lost weight, so Rhian’s site has really encouraged me, and I feel grateful to have found it.

If I ever get to meet Rhian I know I’ll be giving her a big hug in my happy healthier version of me…..