The Circle on Caville

I would say that this is one of my favourite holiday apartments that we have stayed at.  It is certainly one that we would love to stay at again.   Our apartment was on the 19th floor and faced the beach.  It had spectacular views during the day and at night.   Between our apartment and the beach was the heart of Surfers Paradise and it was a short walk to everything Surfers Paradise.

Yes the unit was perfect with the modern luxuries that one hopes for when holidaying, yes the view was fantastic, yes the Gold Coast was wonderful, but the thing that I loved most about this holiday was that we parked the car and didn’t need to use it much at all.   We were in walking distance to the beach, the heart of Surfers Paradise, the shops, the Christmas entertainment on the mall, cafe’s, Time Zone, the bowling Alley, the bank, Coles, Bookstores, and the twilight markets on Wednesday/Friday evenings.


  • rasajack

    Stayed there July 2012 and loved it also. I agree one of the best things is never needing the car and so close to great restaurants, pubs, shopping etc. Just waiting for the next specials through club.cusoon so we can go again this year.

    • Mischievious Mum

      I got a great deal via…just look up holidays. I am pretty sure the seller is Discount holidays? Its worth looking at….and try not to leave it till the last minute as its not easy to get a booking for the time you want if you leave it too soon!

      What is the club you speak of?

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