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    Taking Stock – July 2017

    I love this time of the month.   I especially love writing my ‘Taking Stock – 2017’posts.   If you are wondering where I got the idea of Taking Stock each month, well you can thank Pip Lincoln, who writes an awesome blog called ‘Meet me at Mikes’. Not sure how we got to the end of July –  this year is going a little too fast for me. So here we go….July 2017. Making :   I have lots of ideas, but not enough time at the moment.     Making anything besides dinner is off the list of priorities at the moment.   There’s always August! Cooking :…

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    Living Life Passionately

    It’s funny how the topic of death makes you think a lot about life.  Well, I find it at least ‘interesting’.  When a family member or friend dies, I find I go through a time of deep self-analysis.  I think most people do!   I find myself thinking about what I believe. I also think about what my life looks like right now, what’s important to me, and what changes I would like to make?  Often, what do I want to be remembered for?  None of us know when we are going to die, or how we are going to die!   God knows, of course,  but we aren’t privileged…

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    Life, ey!

    Life, ey! Just when you think everything is travelling well…LIFE happens. Family Life is busy, messy, adventurous, fun, challenging, stressful, imperfect, loving and crazy. There is always a lot happening, a lot to juggle and a lot to make work – And with all this going on, parents have the responsibility of raising strong, resilient, kind, happy, and well adjusted kids into well adjusted, happy, kind, responsible adults. For many mums, our identity is wrapped up in our kids succeeding or failing in life. We feel as though we have done a great job when our kids do well, but when our kids struggle in life, it is so easy…

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