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    That Sugar Film – a Kid Friendly Doco-movie

    This week our family went to see, ‘That Sugar Film‘, and I have to tell you that it’s a doco-movie you must see. In fact, it’s a doco-movie you must see with your kids – and your partner!  Its absolutely 100% family friendly. Its informative and it will help curb your children’s sugar addictions! We decided to take the kids to see ‘That Sugar Film‘, because one of the previews for the movie introduced viewers to 17 year old Larry, the boy who’s teeth were rotten from drinking Mountain Dew.  We don’t drink Mountain dew in our house, but I wanted the kids to associate soft drinks with Larry’s teeth.   Soft drinks are so…

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    Did you bring your game?

    I’m not sure when it started, but at some point in the last six weeks,  I started asking our girls each day if they are bringing their game to the table today! I mentioned it to my friend recently when she asked me how I get my kids motivated for school each day.    All I know is that whenever I ask this question, the kids work well, and when I don’t ask the question – we seem to have an average work day.    We’ve started calling it the ‘golden question’, because we really do feel that we have a good work day when I ask them if they are bringing their…

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