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    Find Out What your Body Type is

    Recently, I reached the point where I could no longer contain the frustration I have been feeling toward my lack of results.   As you know, I have been on a health journey – trying to lose weight, so that I can qualify for an operation I need to have to fix my tummy.   Becoming a mother, the lack of a thyroid gland, and the busyness of life have not been kind to me.  Unfortunately, the results are not favourable considering the months I have been working on it. Now, I must admit, it would be very easy to give up. However, that would mean I would be admitting…

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    Let Loose Fashion and Bling!

    The ‘Let Loose Fashion and Bling’ store, is situated between Joybells Card and Gift Store, and the health store, on the main street in Caloundra.  Over the Christmas Holidays, the store  began a new life.  New owners moved in and gave Let Loose, a brand new slick of paint, and a new sense of life.  Against this new backdrop is a range of gorgeous women’s clothing, jewellery and shoes.    A few weeks ago, the new owners reopened the doors to the fresh new store, so I went along for a look and I must say that I was not only pleasantly surprised, but also over the moon. The staff at…

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    A Mothers work is never done!

    When school returned three weeks ago, I assumed I would gain time to write, and accomplish a few things on my mummy list, but also a number of things on my ‘Things Sarah wants to accomplish list’. Oh, how wrong I was! Two out of the three girls settled back into school life well – and quickly.   Our beautiful middle daughter, has found learning difficult, and while we are helping her at home, She also receives learning support at school, Bethy’s self confidence needs a little work, so we have been having lots of chats about how joy comes from within, and no one can make her happy, Bethy…

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