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    How to find your inner Kardashian – I mean confidence!

    These days, most people know exactly who the Kardashian family is! For those who don’t know, the Kardashian’s are a large, very confident and very self assured family who live in America – who happen to have their own reality show called none other than ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians!’ This blog post really isn’t about the Kardashians as such – it is more about finding your inner confidence.   The Kardashian’s are very comfortable with who they are, and what they are all about.   It seems that each member of the Kardashian family have confidence that could be measured in buckets, actually no – lets just call them…

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    Every Mum needs an Alice

    Did you know that being a mum is hard work?  I’m not just talking about the physical aspects of becoming a mother, or the daily routines you have to succumb too to maintain sanity.  I am talking about the every day emotional and psychological aspects of being the mother you want for your kids – Its hard work!!! Mrs Carol Brady (The Brady Bunch) had the best gift ever!   She had an Alice.   Alice is every mother’s dream –  Alice took care of the Brady family, and gave the gift of time back to Mrs Brady.  She made their meals, their lunches for school, she did all aspects…

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    My Top 10 Hints for Simple Living

    I recently ‘liked’ a page on facebook called ‘Old Sunshine Coast’ and I have felt very priviledged to have a birds eye view back to the past. I moved to the Sunshine Coast at a time in my life where I was single and completely and utterly responsible for myself. Some might consider those days ‘The good old days’, and I have to admit that I have moments where I miss that girl – but I am quickly reminded of how blessed I am to have the husband I have and the children I have. When I look at those old photos of the coast, I can’t help but think…

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    Get Inspired!

    Amy, our 11 year old daughter came home excited on Friday from school.   She wanted to show me a video of this ‘funny little kid who dresses like the President!’.  Amy was introduced to ‘Kid President’ at school, so we sat down at the computer together’, and before I knew it – I had four children crowding the computer.  Kid President is infectious! The Kid President puts a smile on your face straight away.   He has an infectious smile and a hilarious little laugh, and you can just see he has a fun personality. The Kid President’s mission: Is to give you a pep talk! and to help…

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