Wow Katy!

Today I took our 9 1/2 year old daughter to see the Katy Perry movie.    Let me just say how awesome it was.   It was so well done, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.   It was definitely worth paying the movie ticket price.   We didn’t see it in 3 D and I am glad we didn’t has I don’t think it was a movie you’d like to see in 3 D and why are they 3Ding everything these days?

Amy is our eldest and she loves music, and she loves to sing.   She has always loved to sing, and I wanted to take her to the movie to show her how Katy Perry achieved her dream.  She loved the movie and was completely inspired and I felt that as her mum I gained about 10 brownie points.  I love earning brownie points!

Tonight as Ames was getting organised for bed she asked me to google how to write a song, which amused me as I wondered if artists such as Katy Perry, Jon Bon Jovi or Beyonce googled how to write songs.   Isn’t writing lyrics an art form expressed by the emotions or feelings?   Anyway all novices start somewhere and if Amy wants to google how to write songs, just maybe one day there will be a movie where she is the star reminiscing her journey to success.

Anyway, that probably sounded really goofy!

So the Katy Perry movie was great!  Both Amy and I really loved it – its definitely worth going to see it!   I was a fence sitter on whether or not I liked her before I saw the movie, now I know which side of the fence I sit on….just take a guess at what album I was listening to this evening while I made dinner?

I love this quote!  Do you have a favourite quote??
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