What is love…?

Thank you Pinterest!

I’ve been thinking about how to word this blog post as I am not actually speaking about anyone in particular.  So don’t go getting your knickers in a knot, or your noses out of joint!    I  have just simply been thinking about the idea that ‘Love’ is directly related to the word ‘kindness’ and ‘ACTION!’   How can someone say that they love you…but treat you as though your not necessary!

Does this mean that the word ‘Love’ has strings attached to it.  Well yes,  I believe that Love does have strings!  The strings are  called relationship.   Not necessarily an intimate relationship, but lets say a friendship.  To have friends, you need to show yourself friendly.  If your friendly, you are showing love to another person.  Well this is how I feel on the issue!

I guess in essence, I am trying to just say that if you are worthy of somebody saying that they love you, then you also deserve their respect.  You deserve to be treated fairly, you deserve to be treated as though your important.   If you deserve to be treated like all these things – and you are treated like this, well then I think you can say that you are ‘LOVED’.

…Just Saying!

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