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A little perspective goes a long way!

Do you sometimes feel that life is flying by you?   The kids are growing too quickly?   Half the year has flown by and what have you actually achieved?  I often think of these things and ponder what I would do […]

The mid year holidays are flying…

At the start of every holiday I have all these grandeous plans.  We are going to do this and that and have a ball.   While the first week got rained out, and filled with appointments, the second week seems to be […]

A Day in Brisbane City for Jaden

This morning we had an appointment on Wickham Tce in Brisbane for our little boy.   He had an appointment at Attune hearing services, because it seems that he may have an issue with his hearing.    We had noticed that his […]

Playdates for Kids and Mums…

Bethy and I had a playdate today, and it was a lot of fun.  Over the holidays, Bethy and I have started watching the Anne of Green Gables story and it has really resonated with her.  As we drove home today from […]

Pregnancy baby and children’s expo Brisbane 2012

It was bumpa to bumpa pregnant women, strollers, children, and dads with kids on shoulders, but last weekend was a very successful weekend for the PBC expo.  What is this PBC expo – it is the Pregnancy, Baby and Children Expo that […]

Childhood Issues…

I feel like each one of my kids have issues at the moment.  Amy,  has issues with CRMO, and because of the medication, she struggles with feeling unwell and has pain in her legs.  Bethy has sprained her foot.  Not her ankle […]

Is friendship hard at any age?

Recently I have started to look at my life in terms of the people I see on a regular basis.   I have realised that the mums at school who I see on a regular basis really do form my immediate friendship […]

When’s the baby due?

This is the worse question any woman has to face when they aren’t actually pregnant!    I have to say that I have experienced this a number of times, and its not fun. I have a problem with my tummy – its […]

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