My Favourite photo of Dion and Myself!

This is my favourite photo of Dion and myself!   We were at a friends wedding and we were enjoying hanging out.   Life seems so much simpler back then 🙂   In saying that, I wouldn’t swap then for now.  Looking at photos makes your heart skip a beat sometimes!

Its interesting how good life was, but how great life is now.  We have a lovely lifestyle with our four beautiful kids.   Life is chaotic but lovely.

I love this quote!  Do you have a favourite quote??
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The other night I attended an information night at our school for the year five
Last Saturday was Jaden's second birthday,  and it is a family tradition to have cake.
My life can't get any busier at the moment.  It's just not possible.    It's
Over the last 12 months I have asked myself time and time again if it
I am a naughty mummy.  I am completely and disgracefully guity of.....taking for granted the