Mother: 4 School Aged Children

What a massive couple of months its been.

The ‘back to school’ sales seemed to start a day or two after New Years Day, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t stopped running since. The rush to get the kids organised for school took longer than I expected it too. Plan A was to get the kids organised as quickly as possible so we could get back to enjoying the last few weeks of the holidays. There was no plan B.  Nonetheless, the holidays finished quicker than I felt ready for them to do so, and so here we are starting the 4th week of term one for the year.  I find it strange that I am the mother of four school aged children. I must say that it all feels very surreal. My baby boy is now a school aged boy!

This was not me on Jaden's first day of School!

So why aren’t we homeschooling Jaden?

I suppose the best way to answer this question is to firstly say that I would love to home school Jaden.  The problem at this moment though is that he is more interested in building lego and playing xbox lego games than in learning to read or do maths.  I am in awe of mums who homeschool all their children from their foundational year.  I would love to feel confident in my abilities to homeschool Jaden, but I don’t wish to be in competition with the xbox or Jaden’s love of Lego.  Right now it is wise to send him to school, pray that he finds his love for learning, and hope that down the track the right timing will present itself.

It’s really important to be real with oneself about what is and isn’t possible.   In the meantime, the girls and  I have our school days well and truly planned out and scheduled.  The girls have quite a workload to get through each day.    This is only a 9 week term so we are heading towards the finish line very fast.

I can’t believe we are already in week 4 of term one of this new year.  I hope this year doesn’t fly by too quickly, its hard to stop and smell the roses when the days, weeks and months feel as though they are flying by very fast.  I think its time to put some fun back into our calendar so that we can break up the monotony.

What sort of fun things do you do personally and with your family?   I love hearing how other families make memories together!  🙂

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