Day 29 September Photo Challenge


It was beautiful.  There aren’t any words that can describe how wonderful it was to put my feet in the sand and look out on the water.   I have to work out a way that I can take this home with me .   The beach is my happy place.  It’s the place where I feel most centred and most calm.   My favourite time of day is early in the morning just as the sun is peaking over the horizon.  The air is crisp and as the waves gently crash onto the shore line.   All is well in the world.

We took the kids to see the new Stork movie.  I'm not a big fan
  This quote is the very first paragraph in the introduction page of Brene Brown's book, 'The
Today we pick up daughter 2 and 3 from camp.   They attended a three
What a day!   Bethy and Chanel are going to camp next week.   They
My boy having a sleep - mini man flu!  
Today is Fathers Day!   Celebrating with homemade pizza using the hubbys new pressie -
Today we christened the brand new 'Muffin Break' at our local shopping centre.