Day 2 September Photo Challenge

Today we christened the brand new ‘Muffin Break’ at our local shopping centre.     It was a great opportunity to have a mini date with Chanel.   She’s a very smart chook with a beautiful smile.   I need to have more time with each of the kids individually,   they really open up and share their hearts when you have that one on one time.

Today Chanel spoke about her dream of owning a hairdressing Salon called ‘Chanel’s hair and Beauty’, and she’s going to get some coffee cups that have her name on them to offer her clients when they come to her salon.    I don’t want brag, but this kid is super cool – but aren’t they all! 🙂


Hanging out with Chanel Day 2 Photo Challenge

It was beautiful.  There aren't any words that can describe how wonderful it was to
We took the kids to see the new Stork movie.  I'm not a big fan
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Today we pick up daughter 2 and 3 from camp.   They attended a three
What a day!   Bethy and Chanel are going to camp next week.   They
My boy having a sleep - mini man flu!  
Today is Fathers Day!   Celebrating with homemade pizza using the hubbys new pressie -