Taking Stock – December 2017

Oh my goodness, we are at the end of December, about to embark on a brand new year.  The New year (2018) will start in about 26 hours!  I am personally looking forward to the clock ticking over into 2018. Before it […]

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Taking Stock – November 2017

This month has been huge.  I know I say it every month, but I find it crazy that we are in late November already.  While it has been a massive year, and I feel the wear and tear of a challenging year, […]

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Taking Stock – October 2017

What a month!  October has been a good month.  Seems life takes interesting turns at times.   A turn we didn’t expect we would have to deal with this month, was that our hot water system decided to die, and had to […]

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Taking Stock – August 2017

I’m not quite ready to say good bye to August, but that seems to be out of my control.   I will say though that I am pretty thrilled with the idea that as I publish this post, it will only be […]

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Taking Stock – June 2017

June has been a massive month for our family.  I wish I could say it was a good month, but it really has been a hard month overall.   We got through, survived reporting, a death, funeral, and now, thank God, we […]

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Taking Stock – May 2017

Making:   I had a plan to start learning how to crochet this month, but I haven’t had a chance.   Maybe June, I will have a chance to sit down and learn.   I really want to brag and show you […]

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Taking Stock – April 2017

Another Month has come and gone!  We are travelling through 2017 far too quickly!   As much as I would love time to stand still for a moment – it can’t, and it never will.   We have to work out how […]

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Taking Stock – March 2017

What happened to March?   Life is going far too quickly, and while I do feel we are achieving some of our goals there are a number of things we haven’t yet started.  We have just finished our first school term for […]

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