Making time for our Kids

What a month.  I can’t believe how quickly March disappeared, and now here we are in April. The middle of April! Since I posted last, I have been one very busy mumma.  The last week of school was full of activity.   […]

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Madonna eat your heart out – the girls got style

This child is a fashionista!   Her name happens to be Chanel and lets just say that she has some style.   From an early age – 2, Chanel has wanted to dress herself .   Often dismissing the perfect and practical […]

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What’s going on inside you?

Isn’t it funny, some of the conversations that come up when chatting with your kids?  Just the other day, we were just all chatting about life and what we liked and somehow I was able to throw in the comment that inside […]

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As the days go by…!

This week has come and gone so quickly.  Amy went to camp and came home, Monday came and went and now its Thursday night and I am contemplating what needs to be done tomorrow.  Its not a matter of what should I […]

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Grade 4 goes to Camp!

Today 25 grade 4 kids went off to camp with 2 teachers and a learning support teacher.   Its quite a big deal when you think about it…many of these kids are going to be away from home for the very first […]

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Well I was going to watch a Movie….

All day I was thinking how great it was that I was going to have a little down time tonight.  Bethy had begged and pleaded all week to go to the Bush dance at school and Dion was willing to take her […]

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Sports Carnival vs Much needed Mummy time!

Today Bethy and Chanel had their sports day at school,  I usually go to all sports carnivals, but when mum offered to have Jaden for the day I felt that I really needed to jump at the opportunity for  a day off. […]

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The mummy List!

Tonight for some reason I have about 10 things on my mind and I am having an issue with what I should be writing about, but I do know that I want to write about something… here it is – the list […]

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