Jaden…the only boy child!

Jaden is turning 20 months this month….on the 12th actually – which is Wednesday next week.   This child is amazingly cute, gorgeous and a whole lot of fun, but let me say that he has turned my world upside down and inside […]

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Going on a bear hunt…

This is one of my kids favourite stories of all time… they love the Swishy Swashing! Splash Sploshing! Squelch Squerching! Stumble tripping!  Hooo Wooooing! the Tiptoeing! that happens in the story.    I love their excited faces as we reach the part […]

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A Big Day…and Surprise Visitors!

I knew last night as I went to bed that today was going to be a huge day.  A day full of things to do – not just todays jobs –  but many of yesterdays as we weren’t home for too long […]

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Arm yourself with knowledge

 There is a process to getting your head around losing weight. I know I have mentioned this subject before on my blog, but I have come to realise that one needs to get absolutely sick of themselves before they do anything about […]

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This is our Chanel and she has Food Sensitivities!

This is Chanel and we have been having some Food sensitivity issues. A number of months ago I took her to the doctor and had blood tests done and an ultra sound because she was complaining that she had tummy pain.   […]

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As the days go by…!

This week has come and gone so quickly.  Amy went to camp and came home, Monday came and went and now its Thursday night and I am contemplating what needs to be done tomorrow.  Its not a matter of what should I […]

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The mummy List!

Tonight for some reason I have about 10 things on my mind and I am having an issue with what I should be writing about, but I do know that I want to write about something…..so here it is – the list […]

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Questions regarding Parent Teacher Interviews and report cards!

Over the holidays we received in the mail the girls school report cards.  I always love getting their reports to see the comments and grades, but mostly their comments.   I agreed with Bethy and Amy’s report wholeheartedly, and while I had […]

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