Bethany! Bethany! Bethany!


This is Bethany!  She is our middle child…anyway we have been having a few attitude issues recently so how do we fix that in our house.  We give her what she needs – TIME!

Today, even though I was feeling wrecked, I took Bethany out.  We went to my special shop (Lifeline Bokarina) and then we went up to Kawana Shopping Centre.    We browsed the toy sale (not impressive toy sale if you ask me), but because it was special time with Bethy, we were doing things she liked to do.   She also wanted to browse Pumpkin Patch, but we were on a time line for our special time out.   The rest of the family were waiting for lunch so I needed to get back at a reasonable time.

We had fun.  We shopped.  We dropped and we stopped and had a milk shake and treat together.  We accomplished what we set out to achieve.  Time together!   I don’t think I can say it any better than this…


I love this quote!  Do you have a favourite quote??
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