About Me

Hello and Welcome to the world of Mischieviousmum.

I am a happy Sunny Coast’n Mum of 4 cherubs.  Three girls and a little prince.
We have been very busy over the last almost 15 years!

Our primary goal is too grow our children, and then push them into adulthood happy and responsible.  Our other goal is to have fun, have lots of laughs and make lots of life long memories along the way.  I’m a happy mum on a quest to embrace the fullness of life in all its glory.

In 2011, our eldest daughter was diagnosed with an auto immune condition called CRMO (Chronic recurring multifocal osteomylitis).    This condition has been a huge issue in our world, and so I decided to start the process of researching and finding natural ways to help her.    Its been a five year saga so far – hopefully we will be in the all clear in the new year (2017).

Last year we decided to become a home schooling family.  We felt the kids would benefit from a homeschooling lifestyle, so we signed up and we haven’t looked back.    Our youngest, our little man Jaden started prep this year at a local school and so this year I became the mother of 4 school aged kids.

In short, MischieviousMum.com is a blog about a mum, a dad and their kids.   Its about life – family life.  Its about our crazy fun homeschooling life – and I am the Mischievious mum trying to make a little sense of it all and put things into some type of order!
These are my subjects…. 


the family