How to find your inner Kardashian – I mean confidence!

These days, most people know exactly who the Kardashian family is! For those who don’t know, the Kardashian’s are a large, very confident and very self assured family who live in America – who happen to have their own reality show called […]

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Every Mum needs an Alice

Did you know that being a mum is hard work?  I’m not just talking about the physical aspects of becoming a mother, or the daily routines you have to succumb too to maintain sanity.  I am talking about the every day emotional […]

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My Top 10 Hints for Simple Living

I recently ‘liked’ a page on facebook called ‘Old Sunshine Coast’ and I have felt very priviledged to have a birds eye view back to the past. I moved to the Sunshine Coast at a time in my life where I was […]

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Get Inspired!

Amy, our 11 year old daughter came home excited on Friday from school.   She wanted to show me a video of this ‘funny little kid who dresses like the President!’.  Amy was introduced to ‘Kid President’ at school, so we sat […]

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