Mrs Cranky Pants…!

Are you a forward thinker or a backward thinker? This post has nothing to do with bottoms.   In fact its more about life and how sometimes you think you’re going in one direction, but somehow, for some reason, you end up […]

Thank God Puberty Blues is almost over!

I am a mum of three daughters…one of them is just over 3 years off being a teenager. So when I heard that Michelle Mitchell, who is the sister of a friend from school, wrote a book called ‘What Teenage Girls Don’t […]

I know what your problem is…!

It was so amazing to be asked to go to a group for Mums in Business – especially when your in the process of looking for ‘The Right Direction’.   A friend of mine has asked me a few times now if […]

What is love…?

Thank you Pinterest! I’ve been thinking about how to word this blog post as I am not actually speaking about anyone in particular.  So don’t go getting your knickers in a knot, or your noses out of joint!    I  have just […]

What’s going on inside you?

Isn’t it funny, some of the conversations that come up when chatting with your kids?  Just the other day, we were just all chatting about life and what we liked and somehow I was able to throw in the comment that inside […]

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