Cosmetic surgery anyone?

Today I was looking through my blog feeling a little blah about it.   My blog was boring me so I have given a little freshen up.   Hence the cosmetic surgery.   Anyway it got me thinking about my thoughts on […]

As the days go by…!

This week has come and gone so quickly.  Amy went to camp and came home, Monday came and went and now its Thursday night and I am contemplating what needs to be done tomorrow.  Its not a matter of what should I […]

Grade 4 goes to Camp!

Today 25 grade 4 kids went off to camp with 2 teachers and a learning support teacher.   Its quite a big deal when you think about it…many of these kids are going to be away from home for the very first […]

Well I was going to watch a Movie….

All day I was thinking how great it was that I was going to have a little down time tonight.  Bethy had begged and pleaded all week to go to the Bush dance at school and Dion was willing to take her […]

Sports Carnival vs Much needed Mummy time!

Today Bethy and Chanel had their sports day at school,  I usually go to all sports carnivals, but when mum offered to have Jaden for the day I felt that I really needed to jump at the opportunity for  a day off. […]

The mummy List!

Tonight for some reason I have about 10 things on my mind and I am having an issue with what I should be writing about, but I do know that I want to write about something… here it is – the list […]

Friday, your on my mind!

This is a short post due to the fact that life is happening in a very fast manner. Its Thursday afternoon and I need to make sure that the kids have completed their homework contracts for the week and that Amy, our […]

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