Sleep Over Tents…Aren’t these great

I would love to make these for the kids…and have a few spare for when we have friends over or cousins come…in fact, I would love to make one of these for all the little cousins coming. I have been looking at […]

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Going on a bear hunt…

This is one of my kids favourite stories of all time… they love the Swishy Swashing! Splash Sploshing! Squelch Squerching! Stumble tripping!  Hooo Wooooing! the Tiptoeing! that happens in the story.    I love their excited faces as we reach the part […]

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The Quest has begun

The quest for ultimate health has started…you should see some of the things I am googling and looking up on Pinterest!  There is so much information out on the internet that you can change your life and turn it upside down all […]

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A Big Day…and Surprise Visitors!

I knew last night as I went to bed that today was going to be a huge day.  A day full of things to do – not just todays jobs –  but many of yesterdays as we weren’t home for too long […]

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Arm yourself with knowledge

 There is a process to getting your head around losing weight. I know I have mentioned this subject before on my blog, but I have come to realise that one needs to get absolutely sick of themselves before they do anything about […]

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Cranky Old Women!

One of the little quirks I have is that I like to watch people and yesterday, I had an experience at the store that wasn’t as friendly as it could be.   I had all four of my kids with me.  The […]

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This is our Chanel and she has Food Sensitivities!

This is Chanel and we have been having some Food sensitivity issues. A number of months ago I took her to the doctor and had blood tests done and an ultra sound because she was complaining that she had tummy pain.   […]

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Secret: I would love to live on the Gold Coast!

I know that many people hate the Gold Coast for many reasons, but I am going to defy all contary beliefs and tell you all my secret – I love the Gold Coast, and I would love to live down there.  What […]

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