Eye specialists and fun in Maleny

I love spontaneous fun days.   It started with some apprehension as I had to go to an eye specialist and have my optic nerves checked, apparently they appeared swollen in a recent optometrist appointment,  but as it turns out,  I am […]

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Shoulda Woulda Coulda

There are two remarkable things in life.   The first is hindsight.  Hindsight is a wonderful tool and sometimes painful tool too learn our life lessons, and the second is a child’s point of view. When I was a child I tried […]

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I concur….!

Jerry Seinfeld had the right idea when he said this quote.  I would change one tiny little element though….I would say that any toddler who can walk and get into anything at all is like having a blender without a lid.   […]

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What did I find at the Caloundra Sunny Coast baby and kids Markets

This morning was market morning at the Caloundra Indoor Sports Centre on North Street.  It was fun to roam the stalls having a look at what was available for sale.   The girls were a little sad that the lady selling the […]

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Putting a price on Fun!

A couple of weeks ago to buy the Myfun – Seaworld, Movieworld and Wet’n Wild tickets for the family. We haven’t done anything like that before, but we discovered yesterday that if you want to buy tickets at the gate (Movie World), […]

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Questions regarding Parent Teacher Interviews and report cards!

Over the holidays we received in the mail the girls school report cards.  I always love getting their reports to see the comments and grades, but mostly their comments.   I agreed with Bethy and Amy’s report wholeheartedly, and while I had […]

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The youth just don’t understand good food!

Its funny because when I was young, living at home with my family I remember my mum would get really excited when she went grocery shopping and had come home with fruit and vegetables.  Yep!  That’s right I did say it.  My […]

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Parenting can be hard…

 When I first saw this image I have to say that I just loved the phrase.  Something about it struck a chord with me and everytime I see it, I love it more.  I am sure you are wondering why, so I […]

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